SAIKO – a new lease on life

All about SAIKO – a new lease on life

Chip no: 250268502009005
DOB: 22/05/2020
Breed: Sharpei cross
Good with cats?: Yes
Good with other dogs?: Yes
Castrated?: Not yet
Vaccinated?: To be completed

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A post-operative foster carer has been found!  For that we are grateful.   And Saiko is now settling into his new foster home following his double hip operation and several days of hospitalisation to ensure his post-operative pain is managed. Here is what his foster mum says:
“Update on Saïko – 5 weeks into fostering post hip surgery – he is doing really well 😃
He likes to chill during the day, supervising me from a distance when I’m pottering around. Occasionally coming to ask for a cuddle, and I am more than happy to oblige 😍
In the evening after his tea it’s puppy play time. Occasionally he asks me to play, but his ball and teddies make him very happy until it’s time to fall asleep (cuddling his cow as you can see in the photo)”

SAIKO has shown himself to have a beautiful temperament throughout despite being in considerable pain. This sweet not-yet-one-year-old is now on his way to being able to have a pain-free, and near-normal life.


Saiko was born (an accidental litter) into a family that was breaking apart. There was a lot of shouting and we suspect Saiko was beaten as a young pup.

When SAIKO was just 3 months old he went into the care of a kindly neighbour who in due course had him vaccinated and microchipped, but already he was limping. The vet initially simply changed his diet but eventually decided he had single hip dysplasia. His new owner was already struggling to cope with vet bills and, concerned that two noisy teenagers in the house were often bringing back bad memories and causing Saiko to slink away into another room, she has now decided to hand him into the care of Les Amis.

Having viewed his x-rays, our specialist orthopaedic vets tell us that both hips are badly affected and they will need to resection both femoral heads. They believe that poor Saiko is in excruciating pain.

As can be seen from the photos above, SAIKO is good with other dogs and cats and we are also told that he would likely be good with (quiet!) children.

After a dreadful start in life, we hope that this will be the beginning of a wonderful new life for this lad who is not yet one year old.

If you would like to help with his expensive care, you can donate by clicking the donate button on this page.

If SAIKO pulls at your heartstrings and you could eventually offer him a forever home: please email

SAIKO is now in foster in Department 19 (Corrèze).