SAIKO : A young lad with real potential

All about SAIKO : A young lad with real potential

Chip No: 250269608849902
Date of birth: 16 February 2021
Breed type: "Labrit" - Berger des Pyrénées
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Untested
OK Chickens: learning

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SAIKO has settled quickly into foster  and is proving to be a fast learner.
In the first week of foster this is what his fosterer said:
He now knows his name, comes when called, sits to demand and today we started ‘coucher’ which he does quite happily directed with a biscuit. I’m using english and french .
He’s a quick habit forming learner: sits at the chicken gate and waits when I go in.
This is a great start for a young dog who knew nothing at all prior to moving into foster.  He had been taken as a puppy but left mostly to his own devices . . . and then abandoned to the refuge.  Without some education he was never going to be adopted, or worse still, adopted and returned because he got up to naughty things.  Now he has a real chance and is lapping up the opportunity to learn.
We anticipate that SAIKO will soon be ready to move to his forever home where he can carry on his basic training.  He will thrive in a family that is interested in canine activities – walks, training, fun and brain games.  They are an intelligent breed and need to be active.
If you think  SAIKO could bring some love and magic to your life, then please contact us at  Information about our adoption process can be found here
SAIKO is currently in foster in Department 32 (Gers).  His adoptive home will be where there is a wonderful, suitable family regardless of location.