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All about SAM – reserved!

Chip no: 250269590604002
DOB: 05/07/2021
Breed type: Griffon X
M/F? M
SIZE: 25 kg/65 cm to shoulder
Vaccinated: Yes with Passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK other dogs: Yes
OK cats: Yes from previous situation
OK children: Yes

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At just one year old, SAM is a fun-loving, confident and handsome young man – though his photos do not do him justice.  And he is just not catching your eye.  This is just one lovely dog – maybe a little “quirky” at first glance – but do look deeper.

He had a slow start in his learning life having been abandoned as a puppy by his family when he was no longer a bundle of fluff.  This is where we understand he was living with a cat as well in his life.  So, as with any young dog, there are finishing touches still to be done but he is ready for a loving, active home where his learning can continue.  He now weighs in at 25 kg and stands 65 cm to shoulder – so he is for lovers of a good, upstanding dog.

Following his early abandonment, he has spent the last couple of months in foster with a family who have a 9 year old daughter and two other dogs.  During this time he has shown himself to be easily handled – eg at the vets; comfortable in busy surroundings and able to lie quietly in bars and restaurants without undue stress (so a great companion).  He does not object to the car but has been sick on occasions and this is a question of managed perseverance to help his body get accustomed to motion.  He knows how to play well with toys and so would be happy as an only dog.

This is what his foster family have to say about him:

This young dog has great potential. SAM is intelligent, eager to please and a quick learner. He was already house trained when he arrived with us but within two days he learnt to sit and wait patiently while his dinner was being prepared, and has picked up lots of new skills including to sit, lie down, go to his bed (and to stay there during our meal times), and to walk well to heel on his lead without pulling (he is even learning not to get excited at barking dogs behind fences!). .

Sam will make a fantastic pet and companion. He is affectionate, caring and loves fusses and tummy tickles. He enjoys the company of other dogs.  He is currently a bundle of youthful energy so he needs friends of similar energy for playtimes but the opportunity ideally to have an older dog to learn from too.

SAM is now ready for adoption to a family home that accepts he is still a young dog with learning to do.  Much of the ground work has been done already, including work on early separation anxiety which has radically improved.  He is intelligent and will love to learn more.

SAM is currently in foster in Department 46 (Lot) and can be adopted to the right family anywhere in France – or even beyond (his passport is all ready!).

If you are interested in giving this young man the chance he deserves, please complete the online application form on this page.  If you are already approved, please don’t hesitate to write to