SIAN – A Sweet Little Lass

All about SIAN – A Sweet Little Lass

CHIP NO: 250269802247605
DATE OF BIRTH: 21 December 2013
VACCINATED: YES (primo) and passport
OK DOGS: YES with strange dogs, not lived with but no reason to doubt
OK CATS: YES - believe lived with 2 cats
OK POULTRY: Test shows no interest
OK LIVESTOCK: Cows - now used to passing on walks
OK CHILDREN: Only met children outside of the home

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SIAN – this sweet little lass has come to us in foster following the death of her owner.  Sadly he has apparently been very ill for the past 3 years – virtually bed-ridden – and so SIAN’s life has been similarly limited over this period.

SIAN is a Schipperke X (a Belgian Barge dog) and is currently in foster where she is learning to live and love a more varied life again.  It has been a stressful time for her and this has undoubtedly affected her.  Gradually she is decompressing and showing herself to be a lovely dog with a great temperament.  SIAN is quick to attach and still in need to the reassurance of presence and the feeling of security that being close to her human brings.  That said she has been left alone both at home and in the car for short periods and has just settled down.

There is nothing that does not make SIAN adoptable immediately to the right home – a home that understands her past and can give her continued time and patience she needs along with the opportunities to do different things, lose some of the excess weight she is carrying (400 grams already lost but she is pretty much obese), and build up her physical strength so that longer walks are a real pleasure for her.  We are guessing that any walks have simply comprised her having time to do her toilet needs and then back again.

Even in a short period in foster she has started to open up more.  She does enjoy a walk and is easy on the lead.  For the moment she does not go for long hikes but a good walk is really enjoyed.  Inside she loves to place herself at someone’s feet or – if allowed – to curl up on a chair or sofa.  At the moment she shows absolutely no interest in playing with toys.  This may be symptomatic of what she has never enjoyed in the past, or it may be just so long and she is too lacking in energy to feel she wants to play.  So the jury is out on this aspect of her at the moment.

She prefers to ‘graze’ rather than eat and while she has no competition this is probably best.  As she gets on well with other dogs there’s no reason she could not share her home with another dog or two and in this situation, the competition of feeding at prescribed times may encourage a more energetic approach to food!

SIAN has been adept at fitting in with family life, and has learnt very quickly.  There is also the breed stubborn streak which can be endearing or frustrating, depending how you look at it!

Her temperament is excellent with not an ounce of aggression – not fazed by vet checks, in fairly busy environments, or in cars.  She can sometimes be spooked by something new, and this is where human reassurance plays a crucial role.  Her bravery starts from behind a human’s legs.  That said she is calm and zen for most of the time and once used to a noise or movement, learns from it and adds that to her “knowing” it’s OK.  This means that the times she is spooked are decreasing.   She does love her humans to be together and will spend time trying to bring both parties together.  She’d probably work even harder in a larger family!  As her fosterer says “you can tell her far ancestors are sheep dogs!!”

SIAN is not a demanding dog – and she loves nothing more than having her family together, then she is calm and relaxed.  Outside she is inquisitive and perky.

If this sweet, small lassie appeals to you, please do not hesitate to complete the application form on this page, or, if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at

SIAN is currently in foster in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrénées).