SID: For lovers of a soppy, big and active hound

All about SID: For lovers of a soppy, big and active hound

Chip number: 250269608412892
Date of Birth: 03 December 2019
M/F? M
Breed: Petit Bleu de Gascogne
Vaccinated: Yes including passport
Neutered: Yes
Weight: 38.6kgs
OK Dogs: Yes with correct introductions
OK Cats: Not recommended
OK Poultry: Not recommended
OK Livestock: Horses OK; others not tested.

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In the words of Sid’s foster mum:
“Sidney was born in my home and was a cute pup when he left at 3 months. A little more than a year later he is back with me and boy has he grown!

Sid is now a big dog, with a big personality and a big heart! It took him a while before he took me into his big heart, but we’re mates now and we’re happy. Sid loves attention and pushes his head under your elbow for a squeeze or snuggles up on the settee with you. He thoroughly enjoys his twice daily walks of an hour, as his big and young body needs the exercise, but he still pulls when there are other dogs up ahead. He is getting rather good at playing with his ‘brothers’, but will also happily rip a rubber toy apart when given the chance!

At the moment we’re working hard on his obedience as Sid has so far always thought that he could do what he wanted, but once he knows what you mean he really tries to behave whilst giving you a doe-eyed look.

So what does this lad need? Love, space, time, attention, walks, training, all the usual stuff, but above all a home where he can stay the rest of his life!!!”

As you might imagine SID is having a lot of catching up to do, learning things that would normally have been learned as a loved puppy.  He is in the very best place to do that – the home where he was born – and proving beyond reasonable doubt that he is NOT “fit for nothing”.

This chap is said to be a Petit Bleu de Gascogne – certainly that is what his rescued Mum is.  However it looks like he has a little something else in the mix to give him his size.  So if you are a lover of hounds, a lover of big dogs, a lover of the outdoors for exercise – please keep following this boy’s progress.

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