All about SIMBA – ADOPTED!

CHIP NO: 250269100213648
DATE OF BIRTH: 20 February 2021
BREED TYPE: "Griffon" - labrit most likely
VACCINATED: YES - including passport
OK CATS: Not tested

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SIMBA has recently gone into foster.  His owner loved him but was the victim of working very long hours, leaving Simba tied up alone for far too much time.   This of course is probably contributing to the separation anxiety which is currently manifesting indoors.  He is of course being helped to overcome it, being left only for short, encouraging periods at the moment.

SIMBA has shown himself to be completely aggression-free, loving of affection and being around people.  He is an inquisitive, very bright young man, and who at the same time is discreet.  He is very calm in the house, sits quietly whilst his foster family are eating or chatting.  He is a very clean boy in the house (he is currently fostered in a three storey town-house with just a terrace), knows simple commands, sit, lie down, his name.  He travels exceedingly well in the car too.

SIMBA is still essentially a wee boy and enjoys a little rough and tumble, and yet knows how to stop when time is called!  He can be excellent walking to heel if not too many distractions!!  He is currently on-lead all the time as recall has yet to be worked on.  So he demonstrates excitement at the sight of other dogs, cats and birds.  Indeed his whole world is interesting and exciting to him, though he can show he’s a little worried about “new” things.  Play dates and longline free running are being investigated for him to have a greater experience and learn more about recall.

SIMBA is not a greedy dog.  He eats nicely and may even leave some as he likes his human to be present when eating.

Although not yet adopt-ready, we feel it won’t be too long.  So if this lovely lad has captured your heart, please contact us on and we’ll get right back to you.

Information about our adoption process can be found here