SKY – in foster, awaiting her operation

All about SKY – in foster, awaiting her operation

Chip No: 250269608464326
Date of Birth: 01/01/2017
M/F: F
Breed type: "Griffon" - possibly Griffon Nivernais
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: No - to be done when fit
OK DOGS: yes
OK CATS: yes

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SKY is called a “griffon” – she is possibly a Griffon Nivernais . . . but at the moment with a funny walk.

She was found standing in the middle of a road, completely lost, covered in ticks and in poor physical state.  Wide enquiries brought forward no owner, no chip . . . . so she became a LesAmis girl.   Her funny walk is being investigated by orthopaedic specialists as soon as she is fit enough to be able to withstand the anaesthetic.  So her consultation has been postponed until mid-August to give her that chance of recuperation.

Her funny walk does not stop her enjoying life.  She has shown herself to be very affectionate, good with all – people, dogs, cats, livestock, even chickens!

The photos speak for themselves!  She will however need to find another foster home very soon – her current rescue foster Mum is waiting to become a Mum herself!

We have until end September latest to find her a comfortable foster home.  If you think you can help, would love to give SKY a chance of foster care, or even a view-to-adoption foster care, please

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to