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All about SNOW – Reserved!

CHIP NO: 250268780886951
DATE OF BIRTH: 18 September 2021
VACCINATED: Yes, including passport
OK CATS: Does not understand

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Please meet SNOW – his adoption has failed for one reason and one reason only – he just does not appear to be able to understand cats.  In every other respect he’s a brilliant, affectionate and great dog.

This is a little of SNOW’s history.   He first came to our notice when a Good Samaritan was trying desperately to find a home for him as he was threatened with being put down.  He had apparently been callously passed from pillar to post with no-one really wanting him.  The person helping him could not add him to her pack and so she was trying her very best to find him an alternative home – we saw her plea on Facebook and offered help.

We had no foster homes available and we clearly needed to have him assessed prior to being able to offer him for adoption.  He went into a pension situation and showed himself to be full of potential even having worked with sheep to see how he was.  It was clear that he needed clear boundaries, still more work and consistency in his life that had been full of upheaval so far.  Sadly because of the cat issue this has turned out not to be the case and he is once again in turmoil.

In all other respects he’s totally ready for a family.  He has the basics, totally clean in the home, is particularly close to his humans (adults and children alike), OK with other dogs though would not worry if he were a sole dog, good onlead, recall, can be handled without muzzle at the vet.  He’s a bit of a fast eater apparently and appreciates others keeping their distance when he’s eating.

We hope to find SNOW somewhere very soon (ideally adoption or foster with view to adoption) so that he can truly start having a consistent, stimulating life!  He would benefit from having a famly interested in working a border collie in some canine pursuit – obedience, agility, flyball, canicross, rally – as he’s a bright and intelligent young lad .

SNOW is currently in his home in department 31 (Haute Garonne) but finding him the right home where he can truly blossom is the most important factor rather than geographic location.

If you could give SNOW the long life he so deserves, and would love in return his joie de vivre, his playfulness and his kindness, then please complete the application form by clicking the link on this page.  If you are already known to us, then please contact us at

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