STELLA – True to her Breed – Kind and Lively

All about STELLA – True to her Breed – Kind and Lively

CHIP NO: 250269610012220
DATE OF BIRTH: 14 May 2021
OK CATS: Not fully tested (see profile)

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She is doing incredibly well and a total delight.  This what her foster Mum says about her now:

STELLA is a lovely soul who is grateful for every moment she can spend with people. Very lively, clever, and very kind. She loves to play, and she needs much activity, mental and physical.
She has got a basis of education, and she learns very fast because she likes humans and she wants to please them to be loved.
She is sociable with other dogs, especially males, but also with friendly not dominant females. She is very curious with cats, actually she wants to play. Nothing bad.
She is very obedient, and never shows any agressivity towards any other animal, but more interest and curiosity. She is used to horses. She is not at all an escaper.
Even at the vets she’s a happy girlie!


Please meet STELLA – a full-bred Malinoise who until very recently was locked 24/7 in an outside cage – 16 months of her life!

Once she was rescued, we placed her in a pension environment with a lover and expert of the breed.  She needed time to decompress and this is her view of STELLA now as the is starting to unpack and show who she really is.  There is clearly work to be done but huge progress has already been made – not least she has learned how to play . . . therefore balls and frisbees are a must!  This is an assessment of where she is as we approach the end of the year.

Stella has got a real malinois mind, she doesn’t keep traumas of her past.

She is very kind, loves cuddles, she is very very lively and has almost everything to learn.

She needs someone active, sporting, sure of him(her) self otherwise she will take advantage. She is incredibly clever. She likes people, barks at first with unknown men but as soon as they talk to her she is normal.

She is what I call a real malinoise, with all the good and the bad sides of the breed.  The only negative thing about her is that she attacks cars…  but even then she is starting to agree to come between my legs when we meet a car during our walks. We are still working on it.

For the rest she has got a positive mind, and is always in a “good mood.”  She travels very well in the car. And behaves impeccably at the vets. 

She is reactive with dogs but more because she wants to be with them. I don’t think she should be adopted in a family with females, but a big older than her male should be all right. She doesn’t like little dogs. She doesn’t react on the horses at all anymore. She hasn’t met our cat yet, but one came in at the vet’s while we were waiting the day of her sterilisation. She saw him and turned her head, and went on sniffing the rest of the room!

And so we believe that STELLA needs a person that is well experienced with ideally Malinois, or with other shepherd breeds.  This will ensure a deeper understanding of her and her needs for development.  STELLA is ready for adoption to the right person.  This is crucially important as she will need training and to be worked in something she loves for the foreseeable future.  If you love the Malinois breed, you will understand this need entirely.

STELLA is currently in foster in Department 31.  We would prefer her to be able to meet her prospective family if at all possible because she has not had much in the way of family life and the sorts of comforts we take for granted.

If you are interested in STELLA, and think you could give her the life she needs, please click on the link on this page to apply.  If you are already known to us, please drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you.