SUNNY : By name and by nature

All about SUNNY : By name and by nature

Chip No: 250269100300585
Date of Birth: 5 December 2021
Breed Type: English Pointer X ?Lab
Vaccinated: Underway
Sterilised: Not yet - too young
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Yes
OK Children: Not tested

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Meet SUNNY – so aptly named!  He is a gentle soul who gets on with everyone and not really fazed by anything.  He may be a little backward in coming forward when introduced to new things but that is soon over and done with.

SUNNY is still only a puppy (born December 2021) and needs a home where he can be helped to reach his full potential .  Described as a “pointer” he is a very laid-back pointer . . . and a careful look at his head would seem to indicate the presence of something that looks like Labrador Retriever.

He is currently in emergency foster where he lives very very happily with other dogs and cats.  He is totally clean indoors, is pretty good on-lead – and even off-lead in safe environments.  His fosterer knows however that it is not ideal for him as she works and that means he is left alone with the others for longish periods.  That said he does not make a mess or destroy anything.  It is however losing valuable learning and bonding time for him.

SUNNY would really benefit from finding his forever home or moving to a foster home where he can have more time lavished on him and give him the opportunity to develop further.

SUNNY is currently fostered in deepest SW France but as always we are looking for the best available home for him.  If you feel you have an immediate affinity with this handsome young man, please complete our application form on this page.