TAG – now “under development”

All about TAG – now “under development”

Chip no: 250269300289498
DOB: 08/11/2022
M/F? M
Breed type: Australian shepherd
Vaccinated? Yes including rabies
Treated against parasites? Yes
Neutered? Not yet

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UPDATE:  TAG has now moved into second stage foster – in a home environment living as part of the family and where he will have the opportunity to learn those things that he has missed out on as a puppy.  He is already developing into a well-balanced dog.  He is playing well with the fosterer’s own dog and after a couple of weeks just to “settle in” is starting some serious “training”.  His new photos show how much more alive and present he is.

TAG and his sibling Thales – were part of a group of 7 taken from a hoarding situation and taken into care in the refuge with which we work.  The boys were closely bonded so moving to a starter foster situation was essential.  These dogs are a complete blank canvas.  This is what their fosterer says about TAG:

Tag is a lovely mushroom/taupe colour and his eyes match perfectly. It’s very striking and beautiful. He is very human focused, total cuddle bug and really does want to go to sleep in your arms. He’s playful too and loves dashing madly with Rox.  He is anxious when you leave him and he is very puppyish in that he still wants to put everything in his mouth, even your arm (though gently).

It is time for him to start to be socialised now that he has had the opportunity to decompress and learn a little about lead walking.

If you feel you can give this boy the chance in foster that he deserves, please complete the online application form by clicking on the link on this page.  If you are known to us already, please drop us a line at enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

TAG is currently in second-step foster in Department 81 (Tarn).