TARA: Quietly Regal

All about TARA: Quietly Regal

CHIP NO: 250269608980270
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 December 2018
BREED TYPE: Ariègeois
STERILISED: To be done when ready
OK CATS/POULTRY/LIVESTOCK: Not yet tested due to maternal duties

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Meet TARA – mum of 4 beautiful hounds and now, as her maternal duties are drawing to a close, looking for a home to call her own.  She gave birth very soon after being found abandoned.  LesAmis were contacted and she moved very quickly into foster.

This is what her fosterer says:

TARA is a gentle, friendly and kind dog.   It’s pretty certain that she had not had an easy life before she arrived in foster, and despite all this, it has not left a single negative mark on her. She is not particularly shy, just calm, when meeting strangers. She is good living with other dogs.

It is clear that TARA has known real hunger, so she is fed separately to avoid any potential stress over food. Having had regular meals for over a month has meant that she no longer steals food, so that’s good progress. She now walks off the lead and quickly realised how much fun it is to play with other dogs!  Similarly she has realised that my hand not only feeds her, but is also used to stroke her. She likes that as well! Cuddling will soon be the norm and as she is a young dog (2-3 years old) she has a lifetime of love ahead of her!!!

Post maternal duties, it is not possible to sterilise immediately, so she will need to wait a while.  That said, she can go to a potential adopter as a ‘foster view to adoption’ while she is waiting to be spayed.  Offering her the stability of a permanent home is important.   If you think you can offer TARA a wonderful life, then please drop us a line at info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

TARA is currently fostered in department 19 (Corrèze) but as for all LesAmis dogs, finding the right home is more important than location.