CHIP NO: 620094100203863
DATE OF BIRTH: 7 August 2020
BREED TYPE: Portuguese Podenco X
VACCINATED: YES with passport
WEIGHT: 14 kg
HEIGHT to shoulder: 49 cm


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TESSA has been with her current owner since a puppy – and even before that her provenance is known – she was brought up with her mother for the first 12 weeks of her life.  Her mother had previously been rescued when pregnant, having been thrown out of a car somewhere in Portugal.

TESSA is full of joie de vivre with a lovely temperament  – balanced, happy-go-lucky, playful – and is very, very affectionate . . .  a bit of a “wise old soul” with puppyish enthusiasm.

Now that her non-related “sibling” in the family is in her own new home, another side to TESSA is emerging – that of being a confident, independent, but extremely loving and loyal sort of dog.  She is equally at home in town/city environments as in the wide open countryside which of course she loves.

She would therefore be very happy in a home where she is a close-knit member of the family; where she can enjoy the company of another probably older dog; where her sensitive and quiet intelligence is appreciated and respected.  She is also a “good” size for anyone looking for a smaller dog – she weighs in at just 14 kg and is less than half a metre to shoulder.

TESSA already has many many great points and is very much ready for immediate adoption.  There are still a few edges to her that need honing (excitability and ease of distraction probably being the main two).  She is totally ripe for further learning, where the bond between her and her new owner can grow and flourish.  this is something she will absolutely love.

Her exuberance would lead us to recommend avoiding other animals of which she is unaware – ie cats, poultry, livestock – or for a family who is experienced in working on such familiarisation.  There is absolutely no malice in her – that has to be understood, but she is curious and may want to ‘play’ inappropriately.

As well as enjoying the outdoors, she does love the indoors – cuddle time and comfort.  In Tessa’s case, a well-exercised dog is a relaxed dog – happy and content.  She has all the basics of living in a home – house-trained, able to be left, able to be handled, including by the vet – and has the experience of the wider world – and the basic control commands.  Exuberance can make recall somewhat hit and miss!

So for TESSA we are looking for an active, dog-experienced family who can give her the focus and attention she yearns to have, offer her the sorts of activities she needs to use her brain and exercise her body, and who can help her build a partnership with her human.

If you think you could give TESSA the sort of life she is looking for, if you could steer her energy into things she loves to do alongside her human, if you love a dog with the sort of exuberance and joie de vivre that this girlie possesses, then she will make a fantastic companion for you.  Please complete the online application form on this page or if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

TESSA currently lives in the Aude.  Finding the right home for her is far more important than location.