TILOU: Foster found; next stop, Adoptability

All about TILOU: Foster found; next stop, Adoptability

CHIP NO: 250288743356440
BREED: Siberian Husky (cross)
DOB: 02/08/2018
VACCINATED: to be done post-meds
STERILISED: to be done
DEPARASITE: to be done post-meds
OK CHILDREN?: Foster Home with no young children preferred
OK CATS?: Training required
OK POULTRY?: Unknown
SIZE: 20 kgs (underweight but gaining steadily)

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How can we say this boy is lucky? He is underweight, has been poorly treated for most of his life so far, has had no education, and was hit by a car which fractured his leg and severely dislocated his hip.

Well, this is where Lady Luck stepped in and, just as his owner was organising for him to be euthanised, he literally stumbled, via a combination of fortunate circumstances, into the open arms of the LesAmis team. Euthanasia was simply not an option in our book.

He was immediately whisked into our specialist orthopaedic clinic for complex hip replacement surgery and from there straight into emergency foster care, where he has embarked on two months of strict confinement and crate rest. He is eating well, slowly gaining weight and is expected to make a full recovery which will allow him to lead the normal, very active life which he so deserves.

After just a few days in emergency foster, here is what his foster family have found:

He is a most intelligent dog and has grasped basic English commands very easily.  He is obviously husky mix so can be very vocal.

He has had little education and he desperately needs someone to be his master, who will treat him well but firmly, to show him the boundaries.  This applies to lead walking too – another area of which he would appear to have had very little experience – and he needs someone to take charge and have a good grip as he is remarkably strong should something catch his attention!  He has demonstrated an apparent dislike of older children/young teenagers.  We do not understand why but it may be he has been badly treated by them in his past life.  He is currently very needy, demanding attention.  However he is quickly learning that he gets the attention he craves when he is quiet, not when he is demanding it, and there has been a big improvement over the last few days.

We recognise that these observations have been made during the early days of crate rest – an imposition that is difficult for all dogs to take, let alone a young dog who craves to be active.  TILOU just loves being taught and is very eager to please.

TILOU doesn’t like cats but gets on well with dogs. Our female jack Russell has already put him in his place so he is submissive to her and when the neighbour’s male dog ( who doesn’t like other male dogs) barks at him he makes no move to retaliate.

He is obviously not used to travelling in a car as he has vomited on each occasion.  He is however very quiet and well behaved when travelling.  He takes his medication fine and lets you open his mouth – he likes them in cheese!  TILOU also loves being brushed – it provides that contact and attention he craves.  He is sleeping much better at night now. The soft cone which he has to wear to prevent him removing the dressing on his wound, is helping.

It is clear that he has not been used to living in a home and he is having to get used to the loud noises of any household, such as the vacuum cleaner.  We have also been working on his fear of being on his own and from being unable to get as far as the door without him being upset, we can now leave the room and come back.

Despite this relatively downbeat description of him currently, he is adorable, has loads of potential, and will make someone the most loyal companion.

So who is TILOU?  He is quite clearly a handsome young dog.  He has likely been deprived up until now of living in the hub of a family home. He is a quick learner, and is eager to please.  He loves attention and is learning that he doesn’t always get his own way, that there are boundaries.  He has bags of potential for learning and developing and given the right opportunities, will become a magnificent dog as he matures.

TILOU is now looking for a longer term foster family (and for the right family, this could be ‘Foster with a view to adoption’) who will lead him on the next stage of his journey.

We are looking for someone who has experience of, or interest in Nordic breed types, has trained dogs before, can give him the guidance he needs to learn, and offer the time and patience TILOU needs both now to complete his crate rest, and in the future to develop his potential.  We do provide support and guidance where needed too of course.  For the time-being we would prefer not to place him where there are young children or cats.   If you are that person, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page https://www.facebook.com/LesAmisinFrance/
  • or write to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.