TILOU: A fabulous dog in the making

All about TILOU: A fabulous dog in the making

CHIP NO: 250288743356440
BREED: Beauceron x Husky?
DOB: 02/08/2018
OK CHILDREN?: Yes - a wee bit scared so older, respectful children recommended
OK DOGS?: Yes - males may take him a bit longer than females
OK CATS?: Likely to train to respect his "own" cats
OK POULTRY?: Not recommended
OK LIVESTOCK?: Not recommended
SIZE: 22 kgs (underweight but gaining steadily)

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Meet TILOU – who has spent several months in foster and who is now ready for his forever home.  We are not sure exactly what mix this boy is:  the vet thought perhaps husky.  However, with rear dewclaws, his marking and colouring, Beauceron would also seem to be a good candidate!  His joy of learning would seem to confirm this possibility.

His first two months in foster were spent confined to crate rest.   For the last 4 months he has been building his fitness physically and his maturity through training and development.

We rarely add videos to profiles but this one is a ‘must watch’.  It is easy not to realise just how significant a video this is.  For a dog who is about to have the freedom to run and play in an open field, to be asked to wait until the last, to be knocked by one of his mates as they dash by and still to remain in “wait” is phenomenal and shows a self-control difficult to find in dogs who have had it easy, let alone this young chap who has had the most difficult of starts to his young life.


Over his time in foster, TILOU has continued to grow in stature and become a more confident, lovely dog who is also a bit of a clown and full of zest for life.  He has met several different dogs and with good integration he has done well with sterilised males as well as females.  He loves it when his natural prey drive is put to good use – so playing hide and seek is a good game, as is foraging for food.  We feel he would excel at activities like Canicross or Agility where he could use his magnificent energy.  He likes the chase rather than the retrieve – so Flyball is not going to be his passion . . . but football might be!

TILOU has come a very long way from the underweight dog who had been hit by a car that had left with him a fractured leg and severely dislocated hip, a family that did not want him and an order on him to be euthanised.  The day he serendipitously came our way, his luck changed.

Here is what his foster mum has to say about him:

TILOU is not very big, and quite slim.  As still a young dog, he has some filling out to do yet as he matures.  He has a metal pin holding his hip joint together which was done by a specialist orthopaedic vet in Toulouse.  They have now fully discharged him and he has a clean bill of health.  Tilou has been on long walks and runs like the wind . . . and with no after effects at all! You’d never know he’s had anything done.

TILOU loves to use his brain in play.  For instance, I’ve tried hiding with my two dogs after we went for a walk around my fields and small wood. Tilou at the speed of light! Down to the woods before the 3 of us had reached the first field! We eventually caught up with him! He recalled very well. He then ran just as fast back up to the buildings, so we hid. He looked everywhere we’d been on the way down and the day before. Then back down to the wood and found us!

He’s a good guard dog in that, along with my own two, he barks at strangers going past the property.  He has even been known to bark a bit at machines ie. strimmer, lawnmower drill!  He just needs to get used to new things and quickly realises there is no need to talk to them!

TILOU is particularly  good in the car and always ready for a ride.  Never heard him bark when I’ve left him in the car to go shopping.

He is still learning the rules of dogdom and he can initially be a bit reactive when he meets a new male dog, but after a few minutes he accepts them.  His lead work is getting much better though still needs continued work.  There is no element of food aggression and he takes treats gently. I have a barn cat which he does bark at and has chased, but she only goes up in the barn and he gives up. He’s quite a wimp really and I think would very quickly respect a house cat if he was swiped by it!

We would love to find TILOU a family who understand his needs as a young, active dog, are experienced in training, and can give him the sort of life that he so deserves and where he will truly flourish. We know that he is still a young, raw recruit with a good foundation upon which to build and really fulfil his potential.

If you are that person, we would love to hear from you.

TILOU is currently fostered in Department 46 (Lot) and is available for adoption anywhere in France or farther afield, subject to successful home approval process.  If you would like to know more about this intelligent and vital young dog, and have the opportunity to meet him either virtually or in reality, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page https://www.facebook.com/LesAmisinFrance/
  • or write to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.