TIXIA – Small Package, Big Heart – RESERVED!

All about TIXIA – Small Package, Big Heart – RESERVED!

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TIXIA is a small – mini , perhaps – Jack Russell terrier – weighing less than 4 kg .  Now in foster on her own (she was previously with her daughter) – she is learning that she need not be constantly over-shadowed.  It continues to be a learning curve for her but you can see from the swagger in the video clip below that she is certainly learning to love life!

This is what her fosterer says about her just a couple of weeks into her being in foster with her (and yes came in season so her sterilisation is yet again postponed! :

Tixia has come out of her shell so much since she arrived. She is still a little anxious but with cuddles and tummy rubs she calms down. She loves going outside and having a good play and sniff in the grass. She is getting much better at walking on her lead, especially if it is a path we have already taken! She is absolutely fine with other people, yet to be tested with other dogs or cats (keeping her away while she’s on heat). Once she’s going she has quite some speed behind her, but needs a patient owner in the beginning to make sure she’s at ease.

She came under our wing when abandoned at the refuge with what we assume is her daughter, Trixie, and apparently in whelp.  This proved to be false – though she was undoubtedly a little rotund.

She loves to play, loves her treats  – and seeks a family who loves the small and active breeds.  This is no handbag dog.

TIXIA is currently in foster in the Department 31 (Haute Garonne) and is learning about apartment living and urban life.

If you are looking for a small package to fill a large hole in your home and heart, please apply on the link on this page or if you are known to us, please drop us a line at enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.