TONGO – A Handsome, Gentle, Rough Diamond

All about TONGO – A Handsome, Gentle, Rough Diamond

CHIP NO: 250268501719910
DATE OF BIRTH: 5 May 2019
OK CATS: Not tested
OK LIVESTOCK: Ignores sheep in field

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Meet TONGO, who has just come into foster.  Living in a home is new to him at the moment and for these reasons alone we could call him a bit of a rough diamond in need of some polish.  However, his temperament is second to none – immediately gentle and good-natured . . .  and such a handsome dog.   

Abandoned at the refuge with a female and puppy, he was quite depressed when they found homes and he was left alone. Les Amis were called, and he is now happily ensconced in his foster family.

It was immediately clear that he had never been in a house.  Fortunately the leg cocking has stopped.  Stairs were a novelty and coming down the stairs he always looks like he is about to tumble down them!  He currently also  seems to have little spatial awareness as he constantly hits his head when turning round. Going from Point A to Point B is direct, even if it means climbing over the sofa or coffee table – definitely a work in progress!

However, TONGO is just loving being a family dog. He likes company, and will follow you around or sit quietly beside you when you are reading, cooking or doing gardening. He loves a cuddle, but is equally happy to settle in his bed when he needs a bit of peace and quiet.

TONGO is great with everyone he meets:  people visiting, people we meet outside, and other dogs. No issues at all, and hardly barks, even when the other dogs start off in response to some imagined threat.

TONGO is a very handsome dog, with liver and white markings, and regular patches on his face, very striking!

Training has just started and early days. Already his recall is fantastic – TONGO will come running from anywhere in the garden, even without a treat as reward.  Leadwork is our focus as he does pull strongly on the lead and so quite a bit of work is needed.   He is much more manageable on a very short lead at the moment.  Given his good recall, he should be good off-lead in time, and this will be his best exercise. The garden in his foster home is enclosed, but he has shown no interest in trying to find an exit.

His best times are running free in the garden with the other dogs, legs at all angles and ears flapping! He just loves their company and would do well with other doggy company. Equally, he would be good as an only dog, provided he had regular opportunities to meet up with other dogs for play.

If you are looking for a funny, loyal, loving, gentle companion, then TONGO is perfect if you are willing to polish up this rough diamond, and continue the training he still needs.

If you are a lover of this breed and interested in TONGO, then click on the link to apply.  If you are already known to us, please drop us a line at to express your interest.

TONGO is currently in foster in Department 32 (Gers).