TORREN – from darkness to light

All about TORREN – from darkness to light

Chip number: 250269608805540
Date of Birth: 9 August 2018
Breed: Teckel x spaniel
Vaccinated: Yes with passport
Neutered: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes with correct introduction.

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Now it’s time for little Torren to find his very special family!


Not quite 3 years old, his start in life has been dreadful. He was confined in a dark cellar and was destined to be euthanized last New Year’s Eve, for no fault of his own. However, he was miraculously rescued at literally the last minute but had nowhere to go, no-one could touch him (that is according to his family), and he was in the far reaches of Northern France.  Miraculously we found somewhere for him to go, and one of our fosterers returning from the UK after Christmas did a detour to collect him and take him to safety. He has been in that foster home/ kennels arrangement ever since.  We are grateful to those who contributed to funds allowing him to stay there for the first three months.  Since then LesAmis have paid for his “board and lodgings” as well as his veterinary needs.

During this almost 7 month period he has received and responded well to much needed rehabilitation and has learned that humans can be trusted and kind.  We hope this has given him the chance of a wonderful future.   Now, he is now ready for a real family for the first time in his life – and we are looking for a very special home for him.

This is what his fosterer says:

Torren is a funny little man who is complicated, yet very simple. Following a life of repeated abuse, he now no longer feels the need for human affection, but is happy to be left to his own devices. He loves his food and to play with a toy, but he dislikes his personal space being invaded and reacts accordingly.

He will come to his name, sit and high five for his food and is non destructive. He is not a dog to give and receive cuddles, but if you just want a happy little boy to keep you company and follow you around the garden, Torren is the perfect boy for you.

The prior abuse (beating and incarceration) make him not an easy case, but he has come a very long way.  We are looking for a family who can recognise his ongoing needs and continue to nurture and guide this lovely boy. In the right environment, we believe he will continue to flourish and in time, become the loving, confident dog he was meant to be.

Although his iCAD says he is Teckel x Spaniel – he has the appearance of a Brittany but is not a big dog.

He is currently in foster in Department 24 (Northern Dordogne).

If you’d like more information or a chat with his foster carer, you can:

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