TRIXIE – In Trial Adoption

All about TRIXIE – In Trial Adoption

CHIP NO: 250269300261706
DATE OF BIRTH: 5 December 2021
BREED TYPE: "Ratier"
STERILISED: Still to be done

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UPDATE:  TRIXIE has just moved into a separate foster from her Mum – and the change in her is significant now she does not have to “look after” her Mum.

TRIXIE is doing brilliantly and her personality is really coming through.  Early signs are good in that she loves a garden, is showing herself to be easygoing with other dogs, has quickly made friends with the cats, and is a delight with small, respectful children.

TRIXIE loves attention from her human, and that will be her foundation as she starts to learn and grow into her potential.  She will of course always remain tiny – a miniature Jack Russel.  Furthermore she has settled remarkably quickly and easily into a family that is very active, lots of comings and goings, 3 small children, another dog and two cats.  So clearly she could live as an only dog or as part of a much bigger team.  She is a good little traveller too.

TRIXIE was abandoned to a refuge along with a dog we imagine may be her mother – TIXIA.  It was thought she too might be in whelp but happily this turned out not to be the case.  It is time for TRIXIE now to find her own way in life – and that is precisely what she is doing!!!

TRIXIE is currently in foster in Department 31 (Haute Garonne) but will find her home wherever she pulls at heartstrings.

If you are interested in this tiny bundle of joy and in bringing daily laughter into your home, please complete the application form, the link for which is on this page, or if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at