All about ADOPTED : UGO

CHIP NO: 250268743170554
BREED: Braque Français
DOB: 01/01/2014 (vet estimate)
VACCINATED: Yes including rabies/PetPassport
OK DOGS?: Yes - can be dominant with some males
OK POULTRY?: Unknown
SIZE: 22.5kgs

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Earlier this year UGO was found wandering, neglected and in a poor state.  He was estimated to be just 6 years old despite his somewhat grizzly muzzle.

Since then he has been in foster under the care of Les Amis and is proving to be a truly delightful companion. His foster ‘mum’ describes him as “playful, energetic, loyal and sociable” and we think he has a lot going for him.

UGO is a handsome Braque Français – the French counterpart of the German Shorthaired Pointer.  Often mistakenly identified as “just chasse dogs”- these dogs are bred as highly intelligent, all-round gundogs.  They make wonderful, bright pets.  This is UGO:

  • Good recall, even when off-lead outside of the home.
  • Travels well in a car – no sickness, no barking, no anxiety.
  • Behaves impeccably at the vet’s and is able to be handled without problem.
  • His lead work is good, no pulling.
  • He is very familiar with and reacts immediately to the word ‘No’
  • He is certainly not an escape artist – he loves his home comforts too much to want to escape!
  • He sleeps in his basket indoors at night but loves to be outdoors during the day.

Here is one of his little quirks!  He definitely likes an outdoor bed too as he simply won’t sleep on hard surfaces. His reluctance to sleep on hard surfaces possibly stems from his previous life, when he may have been kennelled on concrete. Scars on his leg joints support this theory but, as with so many abandoned dogs, we will never know his full story. Suffice it to say that if there is no soft surface around, he has, on several occasions, fallen fast asleep standing up!

He may also have some lingering suspicion of men – apart from a one-off slight food warning on day one no aggression whatsoever has been shown.  It is however foster ‘mum’ rather than ‘dad’ that he has attached himself to and his adoration of her knows no bounds.

UGO currently lives with several cats and two castrated male dogs. He loves the cats and plays well with the other dogs, although he does gently like to show them who is boss.  It is therefore important that his human can show him clear boundaries. UGO is in no way difficult or challenging but he can be headstrong and needs someone to look up to who he knows leads the ‘pack’.

His foster family recently noticed that despite eating well, he had lost a little weight. This is being monitored by the vet.  Fortunately some weight has now been regained and we will hopefully be a little clearer as to the cause of this weight loss after his next vet appointment in June.

In the meantime, UGO would dearly like to meet his forever family. He would love to meet you if you can offer him the ongoing training which he needs, a cozy basket (or two!), lots of games, walks and cuddles.

UGO is currently fostered in Department 31 (Haute Garonne) but is available for adoption anywhere in France or farther afield, subject to a successful home check.  If you would like to know more about this super boy, and have the opportunity to meet him either virtually or in reality, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to