ICAD: 250269300289537
M/F: Female
DOB: 01/01/2015
Breed type: Berger Allemand
Vaccinated: yes with passport
Spayed: yes
OK Dogs: yes if "cool and calm"

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Please meet VENUS – a full-bred German Shepherd now 8 years of age . . . and now as fit as a fiddle !

This was far from the case when she was abandoned at the refuge with which we work following the death of her owner.  She was terribly underweight, and had had a wound on her leg for so long that she was barely weight-bearing.  Plus the refuge environment was far from her cup of tea.

So she came under our wing and has settled very well living among a number of other dogs.  Fully recovered from her injury, in tip-top form physically for her age – you can see how much she is enjoying life.

As with most “guarding” breeds VENUS would fare well in an experienced home that understands these intelligent, obedient and playful dogs.  She considers herself “queen” of her canine pack especially with a toy in her mouth, and plays delightfully with her “subservients”.  She would however strongly resist any attempt at ousting her from her position as a high ranking female.  With her humans she is perfect and respectful of what is required of her.

VENUS is totally ready for a good and loving family.  She will bring a level of loyalty typical of her breed.  You will be her main focus and she will just adore doing things and spending time with you.  If she were an only dog that would be fine too.

VENUS is currently in foster in Department 32 (Gers).  We consider applications from any GSD-Loving family regardless of location.  A happy home is more important for her than distance.

If you would like to welcome VENUS into your home, please complete the application form linked on this page, or if you are already known to us, please write to us at