VITA – In Trial Adoption!

All about VITA – In Trial Adoption!

CHIP NO: 250269300261480
DATE OF BIRTH: 15 December 2019
BREED TYPE: German Shorthaired Pointer (Braque Allemand)
VACCINATED: Yes with passport
Sterilised: To be arranged
OK Dogs: Yes

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UPDATE:  VITA has now moved into foster.  Updates will follow.

VITA, along with her male companion and probably the father of puppy Tartine,  – all 3 – abandoned at the refuge with which we work.

The male is reserved; Tartine has gone into foster and will have her own profile soon – but VITA who was the first to be reserved finds herself still waiting.

Described as “beautiful and gentle” we would love to give VITA a chance of learning about life being good rather than neglected – for that is what we think has happened.  They do not appear to have been badly treated, but not given any attention, any experience – indeed any real life.  A look at her nails upon entry are a good indicator.

VITA surely deserves a chance.  She is a German Shorthaired Pointer – an all-round gundog by classification.  A beautiful, trainable, and affectionate breed because they are intended to be multi-purpose.  They make superb family dogs.

If you can give VITA that chance that she needs by offering her a home where she can learn to blossom, please apply by clicking on the link on this page or if you are already known to us, contact us at and we’ll get back to you.