WOODY – re-home to a quieter environment required

All about WOODY – re-home to a quieter environment required

Chip No: 250269811581246
Breed type: according to ICAD "x beagle/berger" - to the eye: lab x braque
Date of Birth: 2 June 2018
Vaccinated : yes with passport (currently being brought up to date)
Sterilised: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Yes
OK Children: Yes

Enquire about WOODY – re-home to a quieter environment required

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We have been approached to help this handsome chap find a new home that is not in an apartment in the middle of a city.  The city makes him anxious; occasionally some (mainly men) adults make him anxious, worried, growly and snappy when in close proximity such as in the city; he spends long hours alone during the working week; he has not been in a managed socialisation situation when young – or since . . . . in essence the kind but busy owners recognise that he needs a change!

We are looking for a family who have the time and patience, who are calm and kind, who have other accepting dogs (and cats), who live in a much quieter environment so that the very very best of WOODY can be brought out.  Then he can live a long and relaxed happy life.

In WOODY’s favour he is loving, quick to learn, attentive, playful, gets on well with other dogs, cats, knows lots of “tricks”, and is just downright handsome (although his iCAD says “beagle x berger” we are all in agreement that he is much more likely mainly yellow lab x a pointer type of some sort (pointer anglais, braque allemand perhaps).  He is a good traveller, likes to swim, retrieves to hand.

Ideally he should head for a forever understanding home.  But life sometimes is not like that so we as intermediaries can help if he needs foster (hopefully with view to adoption).

WOODY is currently living in the centre of Toulouse.  It is far more important to find him the right home, than location.  LesAmis are used to dogs being adopted throughout France and farther afield.

If WOODY looks to be your ideal dog, please in the first instance, drop us a line to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.  Thank you.