YAKO – a heart of gold – currently in refuge

All about YAKO – a heart of gold – currently in refuge

Chip no: 250269300231942
M/F? M
DOB: 01/07/2012
STERILISED: to be done
OK Dogs: Lived with female dog - not males
OK Cats: Not recommended
OK Children: Lived in family with children

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This lively, good-natured, affectionate boy is yet another in the long line of summer abandons. And so at 10 years of age he suddenly finds himself in an overcrowded refuge where he is doing the best he can.  However it is a struggle for him and he would benefit from being in a home.  There is no doubt that refuge life reduces life expectancy in senior dogs.

YAKO is medium sized so perhaps rather smaller than he appears in the photos.  YAKO is over-interested in cats so best in a cat free home.  He was abandoned with a couple of other dogs by a family living in an apartment – so one might imagine that his experience of the wider world is somewhat limited.  As a currently still entire male, he does not get on with other males, but is fine with females.  We would therefore recommend a home with just female dog or dogs.

As we know relatively little about him, this is one of the reasons we prefer to find a foster or foster with a view to adoption home. Once a foster home is found he can be released from the refuge and brought under the wing of Les Amis.

If you feel you are willing to take on a senior dog and may be able to help YAKO on his way to a better life, please apply on this page,  or if you are already known to us, email info@lesamisdesanimaux.com