All about ZEB – ADOPTED!

Chip no: 250268732656884
Date of Birth: 01/11/2017
M/F: M
BREED TYPE: Collie x ?sharpei?
VACCINATED: YES with Pet Passport
OK CATS: Refuge test - No
Weight: 25 kg

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Hello. The name I have been given is ZEBULON – but my foster family call me ZEB for short and I really like that. I’m mainly a collie, though my ears stick right up and my muzzle says I have something else in my family line, but not sure what. Because I’m different, I do get noticed!

Getting to my foster home was one of the best days of my life. I know I have still to find my forever home, and that’s a bit scary so I hope if you are looking at me you are nice and kind, and like to play and train with me. I really don’t mind if you have other dogs or not. If you have dogs, I hope they too are nice and kind and give me time. I so want to be friends but can come over as rather clumsy in the communications department.  I am getting better but trusting you won’t get bullied takes time, don’t you find?  I’d probably be OK on my own too so long as I had a big garden to run around in, and someone to play with me in the garden.

You see, you have to understand that I never had any life as a puppy.   I might be 3 years old but I spent most of that hiding away, pretending I was not there, so that I wouldn’t be a nuisance and get hurt.  I didn’t learn very much at all during that time except that humans can be very hurtful.

My foster family have taught me such a lot that I never knew before nor had experience of.  I didn’t even know that it was OK to show I was happy! Now I can wag my tail and even do zoomies when I’m very happy which are THE best!   Or no, perhaps the best is being able to snuggle right up close to a human, knowing their hand is there to smooth and love me rather than hurt me. Oh I so love those moments too!! Letting my whole body relax, feeling the warmth of the person, and their gentle hand stroking me. Just bliss. I like it on laps but have been told I’m too big to be a lap dog.

What else have I learnt?

The car – I can now get in happily and without fear. I’m told I travel well!   Once I realized that all I needed to do was sit there like everyone else, it became easy. The car is the thing that takes us to some fun places, like far out into the countryside or to lakes. I like the lake but I’m not yet ready to swim. My foster family are so brave – they go right on in and nearly disappear. I’m happy to hang around the edge and wait for them. Paddling is just fine by me.

Bars, cafes and restaurants – they can be a bit noisy, or located in noisy places which I’m not too keen on, though nowhere near as scared as I was at first (I thought my head was going to cave in the first time I was taken there and I know I was a total nightmare!).  Now I’ve learned what to do, and once I’m settled and feel safe among my family at their table, then I’m happy  . . . and I don’t even nudge for tidbits!  In fact, I don’t steal at all, ever, anywhere.

Learning new stuff – now that is fun! I like to make my foster Mum or Dad happy by doing what they want. They say I’m a quick cookie. Once I’ve learned it, I’ve got it. I just need a bit of space and time for it to sink in and then I’m there.

This is what my foster Mum wrote about me – so many, many good things:

This lovely boy certainly needs someone to work with him to help him to continue his journey to overcome his prior fears.  However,  he is the softest most loving pup who so deserves a chance . If you want a dog who is loyal , loving , gentle, smart , eager to please , clean in the house, doesn’t jump up, not a food stealer, guards nothing , never growled, never snapped, and needs love, time and consistency as he has had so little of that in his formative years, then please consider Zeb.

Pretty good, eh? I’m currently working on improving my lead work. I’m brilliant in the garden, but it’s so much harder outside for me with all the smells, lots going on, etc!  I think what my foster parents say is “Gradual improvement is taking place”.  I think that’s good.

Oh and I love my crate – that’s my haven and I’m ready to retire to my crate in the evening and you can leave me there all night. I’m safe and very very quiet!

If you can see your way to giving me a forever home, with the opportunity to continue my learning and decreasing my fears of a very busy, outside world, I will give you loyalty and love in spades.  Thank you for reading about me.  Love from ZEBULON (ZEB for short).

ZEB would now benefit from finding his forever home.   A country environment is preferred and a garden is essential for him to play in, either with his best human, or his best canine, or both.  ZEB does not currently know cats or other livestock but we do know he is perfectly fine with poultry!

ZEB is currently fostered in Department 09, Ariège, but is available for adoption anywhere in France, or even farther afield, subject to a successful home check. If you would like to know more about ZEB, have the opportunity to meet him either virtually or in reality, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page : https://www.facebook.com/LesAmisinFrance
  • or write to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.