ZEBU – currently in foster

All about ZEBU – currently in foster

Chip no: 250268732656884
Date of Birth: 01/11/2017
M/F: M
BREED TYPE: Collie x ?sharpei?
VACCINATED: YES with Pet Passport
OK CATS: Refuge test - No
OK POULTRY: Untested

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ZEBU is 3 years old and still knows very little about the world.  He is an affectionate and loyal soul in the home, extremely willing to please and to learn.  At the moment the outside world is a scary place and so his fosterers are working on helping him see that the wider world is a place of  fun, and that he is safe with them.  With their ongoing patience and understanding, he will make tremendous progress.

He loves the fosterer’s other dogs as well and has bonded with them.  They too are playing their part in helping this boy find the confidence he needs.

He was abandoned to a local refuge and adopted in January 2020.   Then he was abandoned to the same refuge again in June 2020 as “too much work”.   We don’t think so and this boy will be a wonderful family pet in due course.