Elise’s Paris Marathon

UPDATE: Sunday 7th April – what a day for our Elise Dyer, who, with a couple of friends, successfully completed the Paris Marathon.  Not only that but raised almost 3500 € for Les Amis – an absolutely brilliant achievement all round and our huge thanks to everyone who sponsored.  Elise printed the names of sponsors pet(s) on her vest – so they all ran it too!

Elise Dyer is running the Paris Marathon for Les Amis des Animaux on Sunday 7th April 2024
, along with her running coach and close friend Craig Baines. Craig has kindly agreed to support Les Amis with her in Paris.


“I’m taking them all with me through the pain of a 42.2km run.”

Her vest (pictured) still has space on the back for your rescue fur baby names. When you sponsor, let her know what names you would like added to the vest (leave a message on the Donor Wall as you donate using the link below).