South-west France
Refuge in need of help

URGENT: CAN YOU HELP US TO KEEP REFUGE DOGS AND CATS DRY AND WARM ? - The refuge at Tarbes Nord where we work is sadly in need of urgent basic repairs. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE OR DONATE

We have started a programme of urgent works to improve the conditions of the many animals we try to help and re-home. YOU COULD HELP, we need materials (or donations to purchase), and anybody with some construction ability, even for just a couple of hours.

PLEASE HELP, if there’s anything you think you can help with (donate materials or labour) please contact me via PM, write to or phone 06 40 59 40 01. 

TO DONATE TOWARDS PURCHASE (materials to insulate, stop major leaks and make good pen areas are around 900 euros) no matter how small, your donations are most welcome. Please  click on DONATE. Mark your contribution "materials".
06 40 59 40 01