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From foster to forever home

The power of community

Why Foster? Read on …

This is a very sad but then very happy story – a little long, but we feel that the background is necessary. This proves why fostering and especially life-time fostering is so very important to Les Amis.

From Debbie, who first took in in Dolly and Oscar,

“They belonged to a very good friend of mine called Amanda, she was Scottish and brought Dolly over to France when she was 2 years old, she’d had Oscar for years before that and got Dolly to keep Oscar company after her old dog died

Amanda moved to France on her own in 2004. She developed liver cancer and was on a transplant waiting list for several months, sadly it didn’t happen and she went downhill quickly. Finally receiving palliative care at home both dogs would lie beside her and woe betide anyone who tried to shoo them away.

It was a tough time for all as Amanda was in and out of hospital and various neighbours stepped in to feed the dogs. When she died I kept close contact with the neighbours who didn’t know what to do about the dogs; family didn’t want them and though they thought they could find a home for Dolly, no-one wanted to take on poor old Oscar. When they talked about having him put to sleep I stepped in and said I’d take them both.

I didn’t know what I’d do as I already had two dogs – I was at a bit of a loss. Then a friend put me in touch with Les Amis, within 2 weeks they’d found someone (Graeme) who was prepared to take both. A few weeks later I met up with him to hand the dogs over and the rest is history, Oscar couldn’t have had a happier last few months and Dolly is living her best life.

In thanks to Les Amis, I’ve been taking foster dogs for them ever since”

Debbie and Graeme
Dolly & Oscar in Scotland

Sadly, Graeme and Dolly lost Oscar last year, but Dolly still enjoys her jaunts to Scotland – this one on her 12th birthday! 

This message from Graeme ..

“Made it to Scotland. Dolly is sooo good, takes everything in her happy stride. She charmed the lady in the hotel last night into no doggy supplement and sausages for breakfast!”

Dolly on way to Scotland April 2023 - 12th birthday
Dolly relaxing after long journey

Tell me you don’t have tears in your eyes!!!!


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