Gorgeous Gaston


Gaston has to be one of the most "shared" and "posted" dogs on Facebook,  He has had lots of "likes" and lots of nice comments, but never the message we've been waiting for -

"Can we adopt Gaston?"  

and so he continues to wait for his forever family to turn up.  During this time this lovable Bleu de Gascogne X has become a real family dog.  He has overcome his fear of being alone and lives in a home with the respect that it deserves.  More than that he has been going to social obedience classes where he is showing incredible progress - on the lead, sit stay, down stay, recall, general hygiene check of eyes, feet, coat, and even his ears. Amazingly he does not flinch and allows his damaged ear to be inspected. The missing ear flap seems to make not a jot of difference to him. He just loves life!

He is so eager to please, loves his treats and is showing himself to be a loyal, loving dog.  

2 years old (estimated DOB: 01.01.15)

Medium size, around 30 kg

This handsome young boy called Gaston was abandoned at a refuge and put in a run with many males, some of them more dominant than him.  At some point he got involved in a nasty fight and came off by far the worst – he ended up having one of his ear flaps completely ripped off in the melée. This was a dire situation and he was rushed into veterinary care.  We were called in when he was in recovery, the refuge being no place for such a nasty wound to get better.

From the start, despite his traumatic experience, which must have been extremely painful, he showed himself to be a happy, friendly dog who just loves human company.  He gets on well with other dogs, being non-dominant, though he may have trauma memories if faced with other large dominant males.

He loves a good run in open spaces, so a large fenced garden would be ideal for him to expend some of his energy.  He also deserves a loving, active family who will allow him to be a part of their outdoor activities.  He loves the car and travels well.  He is well behaved in crowds, with other dogs, and children.  He does not seem particularly bothered either by cats or poultry. He is however frightened of loud noises, especially gunshot.

He is a biddable dog and wants to please, though it is clear that he has had, up until now, little formal “education”.  He knows the basics and is now learning more advanced stuff, such as feeling OK when left alone, learning that not all food is for him, and that there are enough strokes and cuddles to go around, even when there is another dog to share them with.

While he will always be without an ear flap on his right ear, his has not lost any hearing and other than normal ear care, there are no other ongoing medical requirements. 

He is vaccinated including passport, chipped, and sterilized, with a clean bill of health.

If you would like to meet him, write to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com or phone 06 40 59 40 01 leaving your name and contact details and we will get back to you if not immediately available.