Les Amis des Animaux
From foster to forever home

The power of community

The Fuel Hub, which is our collective name for marketing, communications and fundraising,  is a very important part of the work of Les Amis, without funds coming in we wouldn’t be able to help any of the animals who need our care.

One of our major fund-raising activities is our Auction Group on Facebook which runs weekly auctions of beautiful, as new items ranging from clothes and accessories, through to household items and artworks. 

The team is now 5 strong with others helping out by sourcing objects. It has come a long way from when it started by Linda Walsh in 2020 as a way to continue to fund raise during the pandemic. 

Auction organiser Anne Grose said “One of the wonderful things about the auction is our fantastic supporters who donate items and getting to know the others who bid. We quite often have good hearted bidding wars but everyone remains friends”.   

In 2023 just over 37,000 euros was raised by the auctions.  

You can offer items for sale  by sending an email to auction@lesamisdesanimaux.com

Click to go to the Facebook group, to take part in the auctions
Click to find out more about the scheme 

Be My Friend was started in 2023 to support the (average) 78 lifetime fosters in our care.  

The hope is to attract sponsors who contribute a monthly donation to support the ongoing care of older, sicker animals, who would otherwise struggle to be adopted.  And also to offer something to those who find their current circumstances impossible to contemplate giving a home to one of them. 

From the guardian of a cat in lifetime foster:

“Tigger (Tigrou in French) had his 13th birthday on April 12th. Luckily his carnet came with him so we know when to mark the occasion.
He loves his spiky brush present and purrs up a storm being brushed. The return of cold overnight temperatures means he’s back sleeping in the salon with its residual heat overnight. He likes his comforts.
Gratitude to Les Amis for tracing his background and their foster assistance helping him return to the more secure life he used to know before finding himself living on the streets. Happily he now believes his food will appear regularly and has no need to scavenge to survive.There are no signs his loving personality ever suffered from his change in circumstances. A wonderful companion, very firmly established in our hearts💕”

From a sponsor, about the new BE MY FRIEND Facebook group:

“Just to say that I think this page is a lovely idea. I’m a friend of Mirza and Lolly so it’s great to see/hear how they are doing, but also all the others.”

Les Amis Shop, here we have wonderful Les Amis branded clothing and accessories for sale with all profits going to Les Amis. 

Click to set up a monthly donation - every donation helps!

Monthly donations are one of our life bloods as it is money we know is coming in every month.  We have joined up with HelloAsso to allow people to easily make a monthly donation – that is TAX DEDUCTIBLE – so if you haven’t set up a monthly donation – please consider doing it now. Even the price of a cup of coffee will make such a huge difference. 

So how else do people help us. The ways are numerous and diverse from our now established Summer Draw with some amazing prizes. Summer and Winter Fetes and individuals running quiz nights, lunches and coffee mornings. Keep reading for more of our ideas for this special 10th anniversary year.



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