Year on year as we deal with more and more dogs and cats in need, so our vet bills rise. This is the source of most of our outgoings, but there are other costs too which also add to the need to fund-raise pretty consistently throughout the year.

We normally hold two large “local” events – a Fete and Dog Show in the summer, and an Xmas Fair some time in November. These are usually in the southern part of the Gers or in Hautes Pyrenées.

We are very, very happy for other people to offer their ideas to help us fund raise. We do however need people to help put these ideas into practice. Of particular note is the work of our mini team in Brittany who run events in parallel with us as well as raising funds through the sale of donated items.

Here are the main ways in which you can help Les Amis:

  • Donate a regular monthly amount, an ad hoc donation when you can, or when we have a special urgent appeal
  • Give a friend or relative a special occasion gift voucher so that an abandoned dog or cat can benefit
  • Organise a fund-raising event in our name
  • Visit our Shop for seasonal, bespoke and other unique present ideas
  • Join EasyFundraising for online purchases in the UK, choosing “Friend of the Animals” as your chosen charity
  • Become an “Ami” of Les Amis for just 10 euros per annum. Please use our register interest form.
  • Sponsor a Lifetime Fosterling 
  • Join in our regular online auctions 
  • Participate in as many sponsored events as you can
  • Donate any quality unwanted items for bric à brac or for sale