How Can I Help?


Every week, fantastic quality items are auctioned that range from gold, silver and costume jewellery, household items, and clothes up to artwork and dog and cat items. All are great bargains and provide the opportunity to get beautiful things and help very needy animals.

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Be My Friend

Les Amis des Animaux are committed to the ongoing care of older, sicker animals, who would otherwise struggle to be adopted. We have a programme of long-term foster care, where we find loving homes for them and cover the main medical costs and any special food required. Currently, we support around 100 dogs and cats in this long-term foster care program.

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Year on year as we deal with more and more dogs and cats in need, so our vet bills rise. This is the source of most of our outgoings, but there are other costs too which also add to the need to fund-raise pretty consistently throughout the year.

Whether you give time or money, you are ensuring we can continue to support those that need our extra care.

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Gift Vouchers

Buying a gift voucher from us is a great way to let friends and family know that you are thinking of them, without agonising over your choice, or worrying that your money will be spent on a gift that will be forgotten at the back of a drawer. When you buy a gift voucher from Les Amis, you will be giving the gift of helping animals in need.

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Legacies and in-memory

When you leave a legacy to us you help ensure that we can continue to be here for the dogs and cats who needs us.

It allows us to care for them for as long as it takes to find them the homes that is their true match. A gift in your will, or an in-memory fundraiser helps us to ensure their future.

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