Jamboree Fundraiser

When? 18/19 May 2019
Where? Anywhere you choose
What? A great way to help

Imagine LOTS OF SMALL FUN EVENTS in different parts of France – or farther afield – taking place on the SAME WEEKEND in support of LES AMIS. That would be just MAGICAL. 
The LES AMIS JAMBOREE WEEKEND is an opportunity for ANYONE, ANYWHERE to join in. Our poster gives a few ideas, but anything will work (so long as it is legal!). And please remember that every little helps.

Some stats since October 2018:
Dogs in Lifetime foster (OAPs): 42 
Dogs in long-term foster: 5 (tripod, paralysed, epileptic)
Dogs fostered: 98
Dogs adopted: 72
Kittens in foster: already 3 and the season is just beginning
Refuge cats: 98 sterilised and/or microchipped 
Vets’ bills to date: 35,000 euros.

Let us know and we will send you a pack with further information, templates for your own poster and a letter of authorization to collect on our behalf.

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Les Amis Jamboree