Legacies and in-memory

It is  possible to leave money to Les Amis des Animaux in your Will. 

People who have reserved heirs (children or a spouse) are still able to leave a proportion of their estate to whoever they please, including a charity. Those with no reserved heirs can leave whatever they wish (including
property or goods) to any beneficiary of their choice. 

Depending on the status of the charity, tax may or may not be payable on the amount received. This is
one of the reasons Les Amis is applying for ARUP (Associations Reconnues d’Utilité Publique) status; currently, as an Association d’Intérêt Général we are liable for tax at the rate of 60% on all legacies, but with our new status no tax will be payable. 

Any notaire should be able to incorporate a suitable clause in your will using the association’s details at the foot of this article. If you have already made a French Will you may be able to modify it or otherwise make a new revised version. If you have an English or other overseas Will it is still possible to name Les Amis as a beneficiary; relevant legal advice from the country in question would be needed.

Les Amis des Animaux
Association de Loi 1901 (W653003173)
6, chemin Clos de Maumus
65220 Mazerolles