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Since its humble beginnings Les Amis has changed a lot. Today we have established ways of working, but we are always growing and changing. Read on to hear about our plans for 2024 and the future.

From two people 10 years ago, we now have a Conseil fourteen strong, and hundreds of volunteers who help with fostering dogs and cats, covoiturage, fundraising and marketing/educational materials.

Over the latter part of 2023 we started looking at ourselves much more strategically. It started with our application for ARUP status (Association Reconnue d’Utilité Publique) which we finally managed to submit at the end of the year. The results for this are still awaited. We have continued to put our range of activities into clearer relief, enabling us to see ourselves with separate functions but working as an integrated whole. This graphic represents our three key areas of operation.

The Engine Room and the Fuel Hub are well established and work well. Of course there’s always more to be done. 

For the Engine Room our two current key priorities are to:

  • create a Handbook for Fosterers – it will be quite a tome intended to be “dipped into” as and when needs arise.
  • revise and streamline contracts to minimise paperwork and complexity.

In the Fuel Hub we shall be giving priority to:

  • developing Be My Friend – the sponsorship scheme for our lifetime fosterlings;
  • seeking ways to increase our monthly donations to give some level of cash flow comfort.

The Learning Hub will be the new aspect that we will be working on during the coming year. Most of it currently happens in an ad hoc fashion which, whilst being personal, is time-consuming. It almost always happens as a reaction to something rather than a preparation to prevent. We are planning many ways of improving this in order to give better support to our fosterers linked to the development of the handbook, our adopters and to the general dog and cat-owning public.

If in our small way we can help reduce the number of abandoned animals because they can get help for a seemingly impossible situation, then our contribution will be great.


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