Meet our Cats

Meet our Cats

This is your opportunity to transform the life of one (or two!) of our refuge or foster cats.

We are based in South West France but our cats can be homed throughout France and beyond. We are hoping to resume adoptions in the UK once the post-Brexit regulations have been clarified.

A purrfect match

We can support and advise you in choosing the right cat or kitten to adopt directly from two refuges – we work closely with the cats and humans there. But of course, when you visit, you might just find that one chooses you!

Sometimes we also have cats and kittens waiting to be adopted from family environments (see below). Our foster to forever home journey means that we really do know these felines and we can tell you what their needs are and what they are like. These cats are special: some may be old, injured, or may need supporting with their health. When we get to know you we can use our experience and knowledge to ensure your match is the right one AND support you into the future. The patience and cuddles will need to continue with you, and here’s what we also promise… a love like no other.

We may also be looking for homes for senior cats, or cats with chronic conditions, for whom the refuge means life alone in a cage because they are not fit enough or are unable to mix with other cats for a variety of reasons.

If you are interested in helping by providing a short-term foster home, we often have cats or kittens who need to recover from serious injury or illness so that they can convalesce to full health and are ready to be adopted to their forever homes, as well as abandoned litters of tiny kittens.

All enquiries are treated in the order received, but we also take every possible step to make sure that the right matches are made. Trust us as we have everyone’s interests and the best outcome at heart.

For information on our policy regarding vaccinations and testing for FIV and FeLV on the cats and kittens in our care click here.

We are lucky to have been able to rescue the fabulous felines pictured below. These cats have needed, and are well deserving of, the expert love and care in a home environment that our fosterers can give them, so that they are ready to join your family.

Can you offer a special cat or kitten a forever home? Take a look:

Our barn cats are amazing mousers!

We also run a programme to re-home some of the semi-feral cats from the Tarbes refuge as barn cats. They are offered for no fee to people prepared to offer them basic food and shelter. These clever kitties are not cuddly, but they are most certainly valuable as they deploy their expertise in helping you control your rodent population.

Rescues are always worth waiting for

We do our very best to keep this page up to date, but inevitably we have other cats and kittens waiting in the wings. It’s always worth filling in our contact form to register a general interest (whether you live in France or further afield), just in case we have a plan or can keep you in mind for when your perfect pet comes onto our radar.

“Help us help them: every contribution is valuable and YOU can really make a difference. Thank you!”