In 2018 Andrea was working on a local feral kitten rescue mission, and someone put her in touch with Val West for advice. She says of the contact, “I was amazed to have stumbled upon an organisation so quick to respond in offering the much-needed advice, expert veterinary care and general help for the well-being of creatures in distress”.

Since then, Andrea has been one of our top kitten fosterers, caring for abandoned kittens from the very vulnerable two-day-old tinies needing two-hourly ‘surrogate-Maman’ love and attention to giving neglected or unwell kittens of a few weeks’ old the care, warmth and security they need, as well as the time to learn to play and blossom that they might have missed out on if Les Amis hadn’t been there for them.

Andrea loves being part of the Les Amis team. She says, “Our frailties are forgiven, and our strengths encouraged! Cats have always been my passion and I am supremely grateful that even now that I am retired, I can use my time caring for needy little ones, knowing that the huge pool of knowledge, experience and compassion for animals that is Les Amis des Animaux is available for advice and support”.