Caroline started fostering dogs for Les Amis in 2021, when she was looking for canine company but couldn’t commit to adopting because of her addiction to motorcycle travel. By the end of 2022 that changed when Woody, here in the picture with Caroline, became a failed-foster. Caroline bought a sidecar and crossed her fingers that Woody would like it.

Caroline says, “Woody and I have continued to foster dogs, learning a lot ‘on the job’, as each dog has their own unique story and needs. It was my experience as a fosterer for Les Amis that led me to wanting to help even more. As a fosterer I have always felt supported and valued by the Les Amis team. I am now also helping to keep information flowing out to supporters, and funds coming in. I admire the passion, drive and teamwork that I see throughout Les Amis. The results are the lives that are transformed.”