I can honestly say I have always been a dog-lover and that ‘rescued’ is my favourite breed (it is no secret however that I adore terriers)! When my sons became old enough for me to have time to actively volunteer I chose what came most naturally – animal welfare.

I have enjoyed rescue work, fostering and carpooling for several years and it is such an honour to be part of Les Amis des Animaux. My full commitment to Les Amis stems from specific motivations – the foremost being the ablity to carry out incredible rescue work whilst being part of an outstanding team who cares about cats, dogs and humans, treat them with utmost care and respect and work at this harmoniously day in day out. My language skills and my strange love of working through red tape are some of the things that come in handy.

On a daily basis there are so many things I LOVE doing here including being a link person to fosterers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if rescuers weren’t needed? However, as they are, my plan is to do my part and do so whole-heartedly with a wondrous group of people.