My primary role within Les Amis is to Co-ordinate all home checks which are carried out for every single fosterer and adopter regardless of location. My job is to identify suitable home checkers in the area for a prospective adopter or fosterer. Our network has grown enormously in the last couple of years. The role of the home checker is crucial in helping to match dogs or cats with their prospective families so that we have as high a percentage success as possible. I also do a lot of driving for Les Amis des Animaux helping needy dogs and cats get to their destinations both within France and farther afield.

We adopted our first dog, an English Setter – one of the first Les Amis dogs to be adopted when they started in 2014. She was a challenge in the early days but is now the old lady of my three dogs. After my husband died, the old lady and I were lonely, so we started fostering – heartbreak and fun in equal measure. Somehow one dog became three, and I still have the occasional one stay overnight on its way to a new home when involved with a co-voiturage.