Over 30 years ago I got my first curly coated retriever.  In the intervening years I have shown, trained, worked, bred and judged this little-known breed.  Along with my husband we also ran a successful boarding kennels where we worked 7 days a week for over a decade caring for and grooming a large range of other people’s dogs.  This kind of makes me an all-rounder.  

I am very hands-on.  I am link to many fosterers, regularly foster myself (often as the emergency backstop), and help with covoiturage – the record number being 3 semi-feral cats, a dog and a puppy all in one car!   Because the activity of the Association has grown so much, I no longer have the time to regularly walk the refuge dogs, which I miss.  In addition to holding the Association’s strategic direction and ethos, I work to keep our activities alive to the wider world.  I love to profile “lost causes” and see them adopted into a new life.  Seeing the smiles of joy on people’s faces is always worth the effort.  I am ever grateful for the support, enthusiasm and camaraderie of the small executive team who work tirelessly to make this possible.