Rowan has been fostering dogs since 2016 and became more involved with marketing and fundraising during COVID, when there was an urgent need to raise more funds.

Rowan has been involved in setting up new systems and processes to manage applications, raise funds and communicate support information and success stories. Most recently, she has set up the newsletter, which is a great source of pet information and news of Les Amis rescues past and present. Her aim now is to help supporters to raise funds on our behalf: “We have amazing supporters, who are vital for the success of Les Amis. We are looking for ways to provide support and tools for those who wish to raise funds, whether running a marathon, producing goods for our shop, or holding a coffee morning. There are so many opportunities out there!”

Rowan is always touched at the rescue stories. She says, “For all of us, the drive is to help animals that would otherwise slip through the net. To watch the transformation of the animals rescued from terrified, sick or injured to beloved pet is always a thrill.” In the photo with Rowan are two of her failed fosters – Nouska and Loustic.