Poor Roucky facing an uncertain future

When we picked up Roucky to take into foster, we all believed his broken leg following an RTA had been sorted. His check-up X-ray showed this to be far from the case. Infection had set in, the plate and rod were not fitting, and the bone had not fully knitted together. It was urgent to get the help of a specialist orthopaedic vet.

Roucky spent the weekend on an IV antibiotic drip, but opening him up yesterday revealed a deeper infection than showing on the X ray. He needs 15 days of full rest with targeted antibiotics (we’re delighted to have found a foster near our specialist vets) and then another attempt at repairing the damage.

The bottom and very sad line is that Roucky may face amputation.  We are doing our best to avoid that outcome.

It’s an unexpected and high vet bill despite their generous discounts …

If you can spare any money to help this emergency case, please click on the link below.