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Spring 2024 Newsletter

This year sees Les Amis des Animaux turn 10 years old.

Ten years on and still going strong

Placing cats and dogs where they belong

From its very humble beginnings in 2014 where Lynn Hull and a few others started helping the local Refuge rehome a few of their more difficult dogs, Les Amis has grown into the organisation it is today. We have placed the best part of 2000 cats and dogs in their forever homes.

Read on to find out all about us and to help celebrate this milestone year.

10 years on – Cats

From Valerie West, the “first lady” of cats as it were!

“In the beginning our help for cats and kittens was through financial and practical support for our local SPA. A few volunteers began to foster cats and kittens from the refuge and this gradually grew into the full-scale programme we have today. Here are a few of our earliest fosterlings – just look at them now!”

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10 years on – Dogs

From the dog team, just a very very few selected of the hundreds that could have been worthy examples; please take them as representative of the work we do!!

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Meet Les Amis today

Since its humble beginnings Les Amis has changed a lot. Today we have established ways of working, but we are always growing and changing. Read on to hear about our plans for 2024 and the future.

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From A to B with Covoiturage

Co-voiturage is such an important part of what we do. Our fosterers play a HUGELY important role in what we do. These routes often involve several people doing legs of a journey which enables cat(s) and dog(s) to get to their new homes, be they fosters or adopters.

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The Fuel Hub, which is our collective name for marketing, communications and fundraising, is a very important part of the work of Les Amis, without funds coming in we wouldn’t be able to help any of the animals who need our care.

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