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We are their voice, sharing their stories

All of our amazing animals have a story to tell both before and after their adoption – whether it’s merely days long and speaks of rejection after birth by a vulnerable mum leading to utterly selfless love in foster care; or many long years spent in a refuge due to being misunderstood and mislabeled; life in a barn or attached to a short chain; or perhaps complex medical problems which just needed the right specialist help and attitude. 

And there are other kinds of stories to tell too, which we hope will help educate and inform you about the rich and rewarding journey of life with a rescue pet. 

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Long-term shelter dogs can THRIVE!

Animal shelters do amazing work in rescuing dogs who have been abandoned or are unwanted. However, shelters that do not practice euthanasia often have another problem on their hands – how to handle the challenges arising from dogs that have been in the refuge for months, sometimes years. It’s like a house that’s been on the market for a long time, the assumption is that something must be wrong with it. In almost all cases, and with an experienced eye for their potential, this is so far from the truth that it’s heartbreaking. If you have ever been to a

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Our top 5 tips to help your dog through thunderstorms

It’s a really common problem for dogs to be scared and/or anxious during thunderstorms. This is because thunder storms are loud, unpredictable and can bring unexpected flashes of light. As we can’t explain what is happening in a way they will fully understand, thunderstorms can terrify a usually calm and confident dog. The same can be true of fireworks.  Thunderstorms also build up, and dogs are especially sensitive to the atmospheric and other changes preceding the event. This can cause anxiety before the storm even hits.  Remember to practice positive reinforcement with your dog. Don’t scold or punish for the

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