Thomas and Tim – best friends forever.

In July 2022 Tim was found as a six-week-old kitten crawling by the rubbish tip.  He had two broken legs from being brutally kicked. His rescuer contacted Les Amis and the association paid for the surgery on his legs which healed completely.  Thanks to the loving care of his fosterers, Tim blossomed into a delightful, affectionate kitten. He was still a little shy with strangers but grew in confidence all the time. 

Not much is known about Thomas’ early days. His fosterer described him as “a really jolly, confident little being, always purring and eager for a cuddle…so pretty and a proper love-bug!” 

Fast forward to January 2023. Thanks to Les Amis and their covoiturage we were handed two travel cages containing Thomas and Tim. Sweet Tim who had been so badly injured as a tiny kitten and … Thomas! They spent their first few days in our guest bedroom with all their familiar things and we intended to introduce them to our other cats very slowly. Well, none of them were having any of it. So, doors open, introductions made and they all got on famously! Tim and Thomas had an immediate, loving cat family. 

Thomas – aka Fur Blurr – is so confident and knows he is wonderful and that everyone loves him – and they do. Ever gentle, silly, adores all human food and climbing into bags. Tim was so nervous at the beginning. We gave him love and space, hot water bottles at bed time and tickles. These two absolutely adore each other. When Thomas enters a room and sees Tim he cries in delight, jumps on him, licks his ears and then wrestles! Although they had only known each other for a few days before they arrived, their experience would not have been the same without each other. Best friends forever. Thank you Les Amis!