The exact requirements for foster homes vary to suit the specific animal but here are some basic guidelines.

Daily Care

This includes health care, feeding, grooming, exercising, petting time and playtime. We take care of all veterinary fees.


A foster provider may help with some basic training. Refuge dogs come from varied pasts - many of them have been abused or neglected. One common reason dogs are surrendered to shelters is behaviour - and yet these problems are often easily rectified with the right home.

You will tell us the sort of foster home you want to provide. We shall also assess any animal before it is placed in your care so that we get the best match. These animals will need patience and, sometimes, special training to overcome their issues. And you may have to do some basic training such as house training.

Finding a Home

Rest assured we will be avidly looking for a new home for your fostered animal. We will undertake to advertise through various media and vet all potential new homes. You can help us by giving us further information regarding the animal’s character as you get to know it. Our aim is always to try to avoid the animal having to return to the refuge.

Length of Stay

This depends on the situation for you and the animal in question. For instance, if it has had an operation it will depend on the actual procedure as to when it could be found a new home or returned to the refuge safely. But it also depends on your circumstances and if you tell us that you can only foster for a specific period then this would naturally be adhered to.

In all circumstances prior to fostering we will try give you an idea of the length of stay, but there will obviously be occasions where things do not go according to plan. For instance, a suitable permanent home may come up sooner than expected, or the animal may take longer to heal. Whatever the case, we will always keep you informed and offer assistance. We will never leave you with an animal when it is not convenient for you. It is worth mentioning here that older animals may take longer to home than a puppy or a kitten.


If you are interested in fostering, please complete an Expression of Interest form, or for further information, speak with Melanie on 06 40 59 40 01, or email us at