What to do if you find a lost dog in France

  • Check to see if the dog wears a collar with the owner’s contact details on a tag.
  • If the dog is tattooed, read the number (on the ear or thigh). This will usually be 3 letters and 3 numbers. Contact a vet or I-CAD to report that you have found the animal by visiting https://www.i-cad.fr/articles/animal_trouve.
  • If the dog is not tattooed, it may be micro-chipped. To find out, take the dog to the nearest vet where they will be able to read the chip.
  • If the dog is not tattooed or chipped, you should report it to the Mairie of the commune in which you found it. If you are not able to keep the dog until it is reclaimed, the Mairie will inform you of the nearest refuge or charity where you can take it.
  • You can alert local vets, police and distribute posters in local shops and postboxes, including a photograph of the dog and your contact details.
  • Register the found dog with Chien Perdu (https://www.chien-perdu.org/fr-fr/) and Pet Alert (https://www.petalertfrance.com/)
  • If you find an injured animal, you should contact the local Mairie, who will tell you what to do.